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Providing The Wifi Cameras You Need

Arenti Optics VBELL1.png

VBELL 1.32

Compact and modern design from Italy.The Door Bell Camera uses dark grey metal frame and black body, bringing a unique technical and high-quality sense.Thanks to anodized alumina technology, it achieves the perfect balance between lightweight and rugged durability.

P . 2

The P2 indoor Wifi Cameras are1080p (max) resolution, combined with our enhanced night vision technology, displays a clear and crisp video, ensuring you keep an eye on your home no matter when or where. The P2 camera has a wide field of view -- rotates 355° horizontally and 60° vertically.You can see every part of your home with easy pan-and-tilt control through the Arenti App.

Laxihub P2_2.jpg
M1 (2).png

M . 1

The M1 Wifi Cameras can record footage in superior 1080p full HD quality, letting you see the delicate movements of your little one clearly. The built-in infrared sensor supports clear recordings and streaming at dark night, which makes M1 24-hour guardian of your baby, pet, family, office, or shop no matter day or night.

O . 1

With 1080P full HD resolution, the Laxihub O1 Outdoor Wifi cameras provides you with clear and crisp recordings, ensuring you can keep an eye on your home, shop or office no matter when or where. Equipped with the enhanced infrared sensor, the cam presents sharp videos and images even in the night.

Laxihub W1_6.jpg

W . 1

This wire-free battery powered outdoor security wifi cameras take less than 5 minutes to set up without having to use any complicated tools. It comes with an easy-to-install metal stand allowing you to install it anywhere you want.

F . 1

With the IP65 waterproof design, the floodlight wifi cameras are perfect for outdoor use and can keep recording in the ever-changing environment no matter rainstorm, sleet or snow.
This floodlight camera delivers 2,100 lumens of brightness on driveways, front doors and other areas when motion is detected. It can light up your way home in a smart way and also scares intruder away by the strong light.

F1 Night.jpg


AINANNY adopts anthropomorphic design language to create a warmer and life companion guarding camera. The head is wrapped in a special woven fabric to fully protect the baby's skin. In order to increase the fun, various cartoon headgears are designed to quickly draw the distance between children and product.

LUX . GU10

Smart Lights are more common now a days, with the Lux.GU10 you can never get bored . From warm white to cold white to any color you imagine can be controlled from your tablet or phone.

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