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Tador Intercom Products

Tador is one of the leading manufacturers of telephone entry and intercom systems. All Tador products come with a two-year replacement warranty.

Indoor Units

Intercom Monitor

Outdoor Panels

Tador Intercom Rep Panel

All Tador intercom units are fully featured and come in a range of different finishes, features, designs, and prices.

There's a range of outdoor panels to choose from, starting from a basic unit with one button, up to complex units with keypad, button, and an Rfid card reader.

Tador door intercom panels can be used for home or commercial intercoms and door phones.

The simple non-polarised system means installation is simple and it's easy to retrofit older systems.
The basic system can connect up to 4 monitors, while the advanced system can connect up to 32 monitors.
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This Intercom solution requires only two non-polarized wires for the entire system if it is a household or apartments, Simple self-learning programming which make the installation quicker and immediate.
All in one : Power, Audio, Video, and control signal, all transmitted by a 2-wire cable. No electricity need next to your indoor unit, entire system is power by a centralized power supply.

Tador Technologies was established in 1987, and have earned a reputation for quality and reliability with a complete range of intercom, doorphone, access control and security systems for both offices and houses.

Tador intercoms provide security for residents and easy access for visitors into apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, offices, buildings, factories and industrial sites.

Our two wire video and audio intercom is the perfect answer to your residential and commercial security needs. We offer multiple models that are easy to install and maintain. All of our intercoms come with a two year replacement warranty and provide reliable audio and video communication. With our intercoms, you can rest assured that your property is secure and you have control over who has access to your property.

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