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Providing The Intercom That You Need


Tador Two Wire Intercoms

This Intercom solution requires only two non-polarized wires for the entire system if it is a household or apartments, Simple self-learning programming which make the installation quicker and immediate.
All in one : Power, Audio, Video, and control signal, all transmitted by a 2-wire cable. No electricity need next to your indoor unit, entire system is power by a centralized power supply.

Tador Two Wire Intercoms

Audio or Video Intercom indoor units work with the same principle, no need to prepare extra electrical points. Tador have a range of indoor stations from audio handsets to 7'' hands-free touch screen monitors, more models available. 

SF-VIK001-S-2 (1)_edited.jpg

Intercom Kits 

 By Using your existing cables ( No need to replace your cables ), you can have more security of your premises. With an APP on your phone you will receive a call from your door bell and it will take a snap shot of who is behind your door, so if you miss the call you still  know who came at your premises. Other Intercom Kits are available at our showroom

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