Intruder Alarm Solutions

At Focal Tech Malta we invest a great deal of efforts to ensure that our intruder alarm systems are installed by professional installers and to give the end users the best possible installation, programming, user experience and customer care.



A professional wireless intruder alarm system for private, commercial and public premises

VISION is a professional wireless intruder alarm system for private, commercial and public premises.

VISION supports PIMA’s wireless peripherals series, a wide range of intruder detectors and accessories providing a comprehensive solution for clients seeking to protect their property from burglars and water or fire damages.

PIMA’s wireless peripherals series includes PIR detector, curtain detector, PIR Detector with immunity to pets of up to 25Kg, safety detectors such as smoke, gas and flood detectors and a variety of keyfobs and additional accessories.

Various communication channels are available, both for monitoring centers and users including a built-in Ethernet card and connections to Wi-Fi, dual-sim cellular transmitters (3G & 4G) and PSTN, enabling the security solution to be tailored to customer needs.

VISION, like all other PIMA systems, is easy to install and configure. The system can be fully controlled remotely from the smartphone with PIMAlink 3.0 app. PIMAlink 3.0 is highly secured thanks to PIMA advanced encryption methods.


PIMA’s new professional intruder alarm systems offer a revolutionary security level and user experience.

PIMA’s intruder alarm systems are known for their robustness and durability, provide home and business owners with peace of mind.

The systems’ ease-of-use and low maintenance guarantee smooth daily use.

Additionally, home and business users enjoy the ultimate convenience with PIMAlink 3.0 smartphone app which allows them to remote control PIMA alarm system from anywhere and anytime.

FORCE 32C is an alarm system designed for private houses and small businesses. It has 8 onboard zones and can expand to up to 32 zones.

The system supports multipath communication options including Ethernet, PSTN, cellular and long-range radio.


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PIMAlink 3.0 is a cloud base smart phone app for PIMA intruder alarm systems enabling the user with ultimate convenience of remotely controlling their PIMA intruder alarm system from anywhere.

PIMAlink is not just another cloud as it offers some unique advantages:

  • Fast and easy setup


  • Simply pair the control panel to the smartphone.No need for registration!

  • Highest security level

  • No codes or passwords are saved on the PIMAlink cloud hence users have no reason to fear hackers, security breaches, etc.

PIMA Electronic Systems Ltd.


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Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Israel, PIMA Electronic Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of hybrid, hardwired and wireless intruder alarm systems.

With an extensive product portfolio developed and assembled in-house, PIMA supports the security needs of any size and type of customer including commercial, industrial and residential facilities.  PIMA’s alarm systems include a wide range of hardwired and wireless peripherals easily integrated to scale with the customer’s changing security needs.