Wireless Intruder Alarm by PIMA

Wireless Intruder Alarm by PIMA



  • 64 wireless zones
  • 64 users
  • 8 partitions
  • Mobile App
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    VISION is a professional wireless alarm system for private, commercial and public premises.


    VISION supports PIMA’s wireless peripherals series, a wide range of detectors and accessories providing a comprehensive solution for clients seeking to protect their property from burglars and water or fire damages.


    PIMA’s wireless peripherals series includes PIR detector, curtain detector, PIR Detector with immunity to pets of up to 25Kg, safety detectors such as smoke, gas and flood detectors and a variety of keyfobs and additional accessories.

    Various communication channels are available, both for monitoring centers and users including a built-in Ethernet card and connections to Wi-Fi, dual-sim cellular transmitters (3G & 4G) and PSTN, enabling the security solution to be tailored to customer needs.