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Providing The Security & Communications You Need

Intercoms malta

An Intercom system provides security for residents and easy access for visitors into apartments, buildings, gated communities, condominiums, homes, offices, buildings, factories and industrial sites.

Intercoms can increase the level of security at your premises, installing a Video intercom can help you know who is behind your door. Answering can be either from your premises or from a remote location.

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) system allows you to secure your premises and monitor your premises, a CCTV system will act as a serious deterrent and can prevent any illegal activity.

Arenti and Laxihub

Arenti and Laxihub offers a full range of smart surveillance cameras and Iot including entry level indoor cameras, wire-free door bells, battery powered outdoor cameras, smart lights and more..

With an extensive product portfolio developed and assembled in-house, PIMA supports the security needs of any size and type of customer including commercial, industrial and residential facilities.  PIMA’s alarm systems include a wide range of hardwired and wireless peripherals easily integrated to scale with the customer’s changing security needs.

Intruder Alarms

The main scope of a Fire Alarm System is to detect fire, alert, and keep you safe that is why our fire Alarm detectors, manual control points and fire Alarm Control Panels both conventional and addressable are designed with the latest technology.

IP phones are cost effective, high quality, feature rich solutions for both small, medium and large premises.

Yealink offers a number of different Fixed IP Phones and Cordless Phones, all having different solutions and functions depending on your requirements.

We offer IP PABXs and Voice over IP solutions that connect co-workers and clients more efficiently. 

Wifi Malta

A variety of high-performance networking technology solutions for end users, offering a value for money ratio


We offer disruptive pricing across their different ranges,continue to push the boundaries for wireless communications. Aiming to bring a wireless ( WiFi ) experience like no other competitor.

Door entry keypads and readers can give you the upper hand of who can enter the building with out exposing any keys.

Access control
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