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Arenti Dome1 indoor security wifi camera
DOME1 wifi security camera

Compact and modern design from Italy.The Wifi Camera uses dark grey metal frame and black body, bringing a unique technical and high-quality sense.

€49.90 inc.vat

Arenti Dome1 Wifi Camera

Compact and modern design from Italy】 The Dome-1 Wifi Camera uses dark grey metal frame and black body, bringing a unique technical and high-quality sense.Thanks to anodized alumina technology, it achieves the perfect balance between lightweight and rugged durability.


【2K / 3MP Ultra HD Day and Night】 Indoor surveillance wifi camera with 2K / 3MP Ultra HD resolution display clear, crisp video during the day.Combined with advanced night vision technology, you can always keep an eye on your house at night, even in low light conditions.


【AI Recognition and Noise Detection】 With the help of advanced recognition algorithms, DOME-1 Wifi Camera will send notifications in real time once abnormal actions or noises appear.The sensitivity of human motion detection can be adjusted to reduce unnecessary alarms.


【Two-way audio and use with Alexa and Google Assistant】The Dome-1 Wifi camera has a  Built-in microphone and speaker allows you to communicate smoothly with loved ones anytime, anywhere.Voice control works with Alexa and Google Assistant.You can go to an Alexa device and watch a hands-free live stream.

【AWS Cloud Server with Privacy Mode】AWS Secure Cloud Storage - Arenti Cloud Service provides an secure data storage option. Once you active Arenti Cloud Service, besides the microSD cards and mobile phones, your data will be stored securely onto AWS by Amazon, the only Arenti Cloud Service provider. Cameras can be automatically turned off while using the same WiFi with your mobile phone, so cameras will sleep while you are at home. You can also instantly turn off the camera by one click.

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