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Flood Sensor for Pima Intruder Alarm
Pima Flood Sensor for Pima Intruder Alarm

Wireless Flood Detector for Vision and Force Series Systems

DFL143/187 is a wireless flood detector that detects and alerts upon flood event.

It is designed for indoor installation.


  • Detects and alerts when water floods

  • Sends the detection to the panel wirelessly

  • Battery operated

  • Tamper switch protection against opening and removal

  • Low battery detection

  • Periodic supervision reports

Technical specifications

  • Frequencies:
    DFL143 – 433.92 MHz
    DFL187 – 868.95 MHz

  • Frequency Modulation

  • Battery: 2X 1.5V, AAA, Alkaline

  • Operating temperature range: -10o C to +55o C

  • Standards: EN-50131-5-3, CE

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