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Pima Link3.0 Intruder Alarms Malta
PIMA Intruder Alarm APP Malta

Intruder Alarm APP for Force and Vision Series Systems

PIMAlink 3.0 is a cloud-based smartphone app for PIMA alarm systems enabling the user with ultimate convenience of remotely controlling their PIMA system from anywhere.

Key features

  • Highly secure Microsoft Azure-based system

  • Alarm notifications filter by type (burglary, fire, etc.)

  • One user can control up to 16 systems via the same app

  • Various sounds assignment according to event type

Video verification for ultimate peace of mind
Upon alarm, a push notification is sent to the user. A pre- and post-alarm video clip of the event is available on the app, enabling the user to verify the true nature of the alarm and even record it.

  • Seamless integration between FORCE and IPCAM/DVRs/NVRs

  • Predefined link between video source to the panel’s zones

  • Immediate access to video cameras

  • Pre- and post-alarm video stream

  • Playing video clip directly from the event log

  • Video recording on smartphone while streaming 

Additional features for controlling the alarm system remotely

  • User access to system configuration menu

  • Biometric login

  • QR code for system pairing

  • Panic button

  • Viewing System Status

  • Arming/disarming the whole system or designated partitions

  • Reviewing zones status

  • Bypassing zones

  • Reading event log

PIMAlink is not just another cloud as it offers some unique advantages:

Fast and easy setup

Simply pair the control panel to the smartphone.No need for registration!

Highest security level

No codes or passwords are saved on the PIMAlink cloud hence users have no reason to fear hackers, security breaches, etc.

Furthermore, authentication is highly secure and done with smartphone IMEI serial number and user ID password in every login attempt.

Keeping the same user codes

No need to remember additional codes, just use the same as those used for the alarm system.

One Master User only

All system contacts can conveniently be managed by the Master User from the app.

PIMAlink 3.0 is available for free download from Google Play and the App Store store

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