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  • Solar panel for battery operated cameras
  • Exclusive for battery operated cameras with DC5V power input
  • High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon technology
  • Nominal power 3.3 W
  • Micro USB connector
  • Cable length 3 m
  • Bracket 360° included
  • Weatherproof IP65
  • Dimensions 121 (W) x 174 (H) mm

Solar Panel for Battery Cameras

Only 3 left in stock
  • Compatibility IP cameras with integrated battery, PIR sensor and DC5V Micro USB power supply
    Capture technology Monocrystalline silicon
    Efficiency >19.5%
    Nominal power 3.3 W
    Open circuit voltage >7.2 V
    Operating voltage >6 V
    Operating current >540 mA
    Short circuit current >560 mA
    Connector Micro USB
    Cable length 3 m
    ENVIRONMENT Suitable for outdoor use / Waterproof IP65
    Dimensions 174 (H) x 121 (W) mm
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