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Trackilive TL-60 GPS Tracker


€149.95 inc.vat

With an incredible one-year battery life*, you no longer have to worry about battery health. The new generation of our GPS trackers uses the latest 4G (LTE/M) & GSM technology and is therefore super efficient in terms of energy consumption.


  • Up to 1 year battery life

  • Latest cellular standard 4G LTE-M

  • Dust and waterproof (IP68)

  • Smart motion detection

  • Versatile


The new generation of our GPS trackers uses the latest 4G (LTE/M) & GSM technology and is therefore super efficient in terms of energy consumption


So that you don’t just have a clear head when it comes to the battery or power supply, our new generation is dust and waterproof according to IP68.

Product Description

Experience unparalleled durability, advanced technology, and long-lasting performance with the new trackilive TL-60 GPS tracker. Featuring the cost-effective and highly efficient LTE-M technology for mobile communication, this GPS tracker is designed for long battery runtimes. Equipped with IP68 dust and waterproof rating, the TL-60 is capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

Thanks to its magnetic base, the TL-60 can be easily attached to any magnetic surface, making it ideal for securing vintage cars, motorhomes, watercraft, or containers. With the Quick Charge feature, the 7,800mAh battery can be quickly recharged, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring of your assets.

Set up a geofence with an alarm and receive instant notifications on your smartphone or email whenever the object is moved outside of the designated area. With the light sensor feature, you can activate the distance and light sensor alarm to receive alerts whenever the GPS tracker is removed from its stored position.

The TL-60 GPS tracker utilizes GPS, cell towers, or WiFi networks to determine the location of the object, and transmits the position via the future-proof 4G LTE-M standard. With a multi-network SIM card, the GPS tracker automatically logs into the best available mobile network, providing uninterrupted coverage. Use the basic tariff throughout the EU and upgrade the tariff for worldwide use.

With the trackilive app available on both iOS and Android platforms, you can always monitor the real-time status of your device. Invest in the trackilive TL-60 GPS tracker today and enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets are secure and always within reach.

Tracking Profile

With the new TL-60 GPS Tracker there is also an APP update. From now on there are tracking profiles with which you can customize your GPS experience.

  • 1 year battery life: Your GPS tracker sends a new position every 24 hours and thus achieves a battery life of up to one year.

  • Smart mode: Your GPS tracker is in sleep mode until it is moved. When he moves, the position of the GPS tracker is actively updated. In addition, you will receive a position update every 24 hours.

  • Interval mode: The GPS tracker reports a new position every x minutes.

  • Individual mode: All settings of the GPS tracker can be individually adapted to your area of application.


The conclusion of a service contract is necessary for the use of the trackilive device and the trackilive platform. The inserted SIM card is also included in the service contract. A separate SIM card is not necessary and cannot be used. The SIM card is automatically activated when you sign a service contract. Please note that the full battery capacity is only reached after a few charging cycles. With the most intensive use with continuous live tracking, the battery life is up to 10 days.

System requirements

  • Windows, iOS, Android, MAC


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