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Trackilive GPS Trackers APP Malta

Trackilive APP

One app, many functions.

And there are more and more:

  • Global GPS usage*

  • GPS location in real time

  • virtual fences

  • Multiple devices can be used in one account

  • Very easy to set up

  • Your data is very important to us. Therefore, they are stored on servers in the EU and are subject to European data protection regulations

  • Always up to date

*Only works with a 4G GPS tracker in conjunction with a worldwide service package

The home page, current position

From here you can access all functions of our trackilive app. The current position of the GPS tracker and your own location are displayed here. You can also see the battery status, how fast the tracker is moving and the current address.

The history, write history

Retrace your journey. Decorate your photo albums with routes covered. Show off your marathon distance to your friends or check where your GPS tracker has been.

The overview, keep an eye on everything

Your trackilive GPS trackers are displayed here. No matter how many you have, you can use them all on one device. If you have a fleet that you want to monitor or track your food delivery people, that’s no problem.

Tracking profile, make it YOUR tracker

Determine yourself which upload interval your GPS tracker should have. Should it only send a position update when it is moved? No problem. Even a smart mode is now possible. With GPS trackers from trackilive it will be YOUR experience.


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