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QBell Luggage Tag

Powered by QBell, these luggage tags are the perfect way to ensure your luggage will never go missing. Each tag has a unique QBell code on it, that a finder can use to instantly contact you - without seeing any of your personal details. 

Each luggage tag is cut with a fixing slot and comes supplied with a steel attachment cable. We've also made each tag the same size as a credit card, so when it's not attached to your luggage, it can become a handy way to ensure your wallet or purse can be returned! 

€21.95 inc.vat


  • Customisable name, message, and auto-messages for finders to see when they scan your Tag. 

  • Secure and private messages and notifications, without requiring your personal contact details to be displayed. 

  • Add multiple users to also receive notifications.


How it works

  • Each QBell Luggage Tag has a unique QBell QR code on it, that you activate using your smartphone. 

  • When your Pet Tag arrives, use the QBell App (for Android and iOS) to activate and set up your code, including custom messages and names. 

  • Once activated, you're covered! If your pet ever goes missing, you can be instantly reached by a finder, just by scanning the code.  

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