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Qbell Pet Tags

QBell Pet Tag

Peace of Mind.
For Paws and Claws.

Keeping your pet safe shouldn't be complicated. With QBell Pet Tag, it isn't. Our QR code technology ensures instant contact, no personal details, and no ongoing costs.

It's a smarter, simpler, and safer way to keep your pet protected.

€21.95 inc.vat


The only Pet Tag you will ever need

QBell Pet Tags are highly durable and feature a unique QBell QR code that's used to instantly contact you .

Attach it to your pet's collar and enjoy a smart, hassle-free way to keep them safe and secure.


Never Lose Your Furry Friend Again.

Get instant notifications when your pet is found, leave important information about your pet, and connect in realtime, without sharing any personal details.

💬 Instant Messaging

🐶 Customisable Profile

🎙️ Voice Notes

🔐 No personal Info

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen if the Wi-Fi connection is lost?
    If your Wi-Fi loses connection, the app page will show OFF, and you cannot control the devices via the app. But the devices will work as standalone units as usual.
  • Why is it not accessing the Wi-Fi?
    Make sure you have a stable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and have enabled Bluetooth on your phone. Then add the X-Sense XS01-WX smoke alarm to the app. Please ensure that you connect to the same Wi-Fi network when you add the device to the app.
  • How many Wi-Fi smoke alarms can be connected to the app?
    You may add up to 24 X-Sense XS01-WX smoke alarms in one home. You may also give them different names so that you know which one has been triggered when you receive a push notification.
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